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We are Kat and Greg, K&G Photography and together, we have been photographing wonderful wedding moments since 2014. 
We live in Nelson, Lancashire and provide our services across the whole of the North West England, Midlands and Yorkshire.

Our story begun in the Christmas Eve of 2013 at friends' do where we met. It didn't take long to find out that we share the same passion to photography. The ability to do something that we both enjoy gives us that boost and motivation to capture better and better images.

We strive to photograph natural and lively moments


Our photography style can be best described as a mixture of traditional and high fashion photography and for the most part of the big day remains in the canons of an informal photo reportage, however we do appreciate couples' individual requests for posed photography, which can also be found in our portfolio.

During the wedding, we usually work as a team. Every photographer needs an assistant, so unless two pairs of eyes are preferred or there's a need to cover two locations at once, one of us takes the camera, whilst the other helps with the secondary gear, be it a reflector, light source or a backdrop. The only exception is the early morning, where Greg usually only just drops in to say ‚Hi’ to the Bride and Her Party before disappearing to join Groom and later, the guests invited for the ceremony, where Kat joins in with the Bridal Party for the formal part to take place.

Apart from two sections (Photo Session and Requests), our portfolio consists of the selection of captured in the moment images. The only staged photographs are:- the must-have photo with witnesses, photos with wedding party and family and any individual requests (i.e. confetti, heart, the Ladies etc.)

The Difference

With cameras readily available to anyone, it’s normal that many of your friends and family will be happily snapping away throughout the course of the day and will likely produce hundreds of images. Having all these little yet precious moments covered, the reason you are looking into investing some of your wedding budget into professional photography is therefore quality of produced images and their contents. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ as the saying goes. With creative use of various photography techniques, we can achieve just that, which in the end results in conveying your unique story through stills.

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As mentioned above, we are fully insured, which can be easily checked up against with Glover & Howe, our insurance provider and our policy meets the requirements of most of the wedding venues. The Institute of Photography in Manchester holds record of our Photography and Wedding Photography certificates earned in 2015 and 2016 respectively. 

These are absolutely beautiful and perfect,
everything we wanted our photos to be and more.
Thank you both so so much for capturing our magical day :)

Catherine & Shaun

You really are amazing at what you do and we would have not had the same day without you both.

Jade Bates

Get a Pro you trust

With any one wedding professional attending the Big Day, the things usually go smoother than without one. It's that one thing less for you to be worried about. Having this in mind, a good singer, magician, dancer, caricature artist and whatnot, each can contribute that one little thing extra to your day, hence the more professionals of different sorts thereof, the more guarantee you have to stay cheerful, smiling and worry-free all day long. Except only for videographers perhaps, we will be the only ones to stay with you from early till late and we are there to photograph your memories throughout the day.

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More than just camera

Professional grade cameras are capable of producing outstanding results, but a camera doesn't take pictures on their own and needs to be in experienced hands to be benefited from in full. Whilst most of your guests will be enjoying their day with a glass or a bottle in their hands, we're working and if something did happen that needed photographing in an instant, we're ready. With advanced lighting systems we can capture those wonderful moments, day or night, without compromising the quality of final images. We also offer a free advice at all stages of your wedding planning.

A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.

Edward Steichen

Book your consultation. It's free 

There isn’t a better way than to meet for an informal chat in person and you have that option at no extra cost with us. Due to that we may need to come and see your venue or talk to your wedding planner at one point anyhow, we usually offer to meet you where you live. A meeting is the only way to browse through full sets of photos from weddings we covered in the past, and to see quality of photobook prints.

Got questions?

An introductory brochure, available in both digital and printed format answers the most common questions. If you would like us to meet up with you for a friendly chat over a cup of tea, please let us know in the email. Travelling to our couples gives us a perfect opportunity to learn a bit about the two of you, but if you're thinking of a quiet place away from your home or would like to come and see us in Nelson, it's absolutely fine.

Capturing moments that last a lifetime