Engagement Sessions

Why it's free?

The engagement sessions are the latest addition to our offer.

As you can see from images above, all of the posed photographs we have, were taken during weddings and usually within 30 minutes. This is because at the wedding the couples usually look to spend as much time with guests as possible, so we want to be as quick, productive and efficient as we can and still provide you with at least a couple of romantic photos in the end.
Secondly, our photography during weddings is natural and we cut posing to an absolute minimum. This is usually only to take a few formal photos and of course a few romantic photos of the two of you, which we mentioned above. Other than that, we stay in the background and photograph what we see.

Engagement sessions are different. We plan the session together well in advance and during the shoot we don't just take photos. The more relaxed the atmosphere the better, so rushing or being bossy about everything wouldn't help, which is why we take time with everything to make most of the time we spend together.

The sessions are free and you do not have to book any additional services with us. It's a stand alone offer for all engaged couples planning to get married  in the UK.


What good are the sessions? 

An engagement session is a great opportunity to find out about your photographer's style and approach, but it's so much more. It is a great way to add a bit of a personal touch to your wedding, whether by implementing the photos within your Getting Married website, including images in the design of your Save the Date cards, or as a photo display at your reception.

Most of all, the engagement session is about the two of you being yourselves and feeling yourselves in front of the camera. It will aid you in getting the feel for posing, smiling, snuggling together and kissing and how it would look through the camera's lens.

It's great if you already have the location where you would like the session to take place, however if you would like to share your ideas on the photo shoot, but aren't certain as to where the session could take place, do not worry! We visited many fantastic locations with exceptional photo opportunities in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and North Wales and will be happy to give you our suggestions that make up for your needs. 

What you will get are truly exceptional and eye-catching photos in fun and relaxed atmosphere. Naturally, some shoots could take as little as 30 minutes, whereas some other couples might need a little more time to relax and feel unbothered by the camera, so apart from advising you on how to prepare for the shoot in terms of the clothing, hair, make up, etc. we'll be there for you for as long as needed. 


Who is this offer for?

As with all the offers, it isn't going to be free forever and we have limited availability for the sessions, so the sooner you get in touch the better. Only new couples can take full advantage of this offer, however it doesn't make us any difference if you have already booked your wedding photography somewhere else, or whether you want to hire a professional for your wedding at all.


How to apply for the session?

It's simple: download this interactive PDF, fill all the details and email it back to us. Once we've got your application, we'll get in touch to discuss further arrangements.