1. What is your style?

It's a photo reportage, which means that we tell your wedding story through stills. This means most of photos are captured in the moment, or without posing. 
Many photographers these days advertise their services with engagement or post-wedding shots, to try to help them stand out from competition. This is the complete opposite to our style and truly has little to do with the wedding itself. We understand that many couples these days plan their weddings very carefully and want their photos to look exactly the same or as close to photos seen in magazines or online. We appreciate that because it's their Big Day, but as photographers we are almost certain that most of those photos from the magazines usually take hours of careful preparation with models in strictly controlled environments and whilst the engagement and post-wedding shoots can be arranged in such way, the Big Day can't be recreated. One should ask oneself when planning the wedding, whether "I want to spend most of my beautiful day posing for artificially created work" or "Do I want the photographer to remind me of the memories from my wedding". Both ways are fine, so it all comes down to the choice of the right path for each couple.

2. Why hiring a professional in the first place?

In 21st century, casual photo snapping is an integral part of our lifestyle and virtually everybody has a camera in their pocket. Most people will bring their mobile devices to your wedding and will be taking photos. More than likely, they will capture all the fun, joy and laugh and will later share hundreds of photos with you, and quite frankly, we can't even begin to compete with your guests on that. Why hire a professional then? The quality comes to mind first, but there's so much more to it. Whilst everybody is enjoying their time, we can take a step back and focus on how your story unfolds throughout the day. We watch and learn... and with cameras at ready we'll be first to photograph anything that all others will have missed and with an eye catching composition in mind.

3. Why does it cost so much?

Whilst working together, we are unable to edit more than 1 wedding per week. Due to the most weddings taking place between March-October, winter is usually much quieter wedding-wise. Cameras are being used much more when you shoot weddings, so they need replacing every 3-4 years, not to mention regular servicing, which also costs. Of course cameras aren't the only equipment we're using, so there are flashes, batteries, memory cards, computers, disk storage, software, professional insurance, website you are reading at the moment, advertising, office supplies, fuel, tax and so on and so forth. Add location and experience to all the above and the UK figures are in the range £1000-£2500 for full day's photography, often without any extras or event the second shooter who comes at an extra expense. The cost of our services is kept as low as it can be. You can read our down to earth take on wedding photography costs here: REAL COST OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

4. Can we meet in person before the wedding?

Yes, and we usually meet twice. We always make all the arrangements online or over the phone for the 1st meeting and 2nd usually takes place a month before the wedding.

5. How soon before wedding should I book?

There's no harm in booking us as soon as you've booked your wedding venue. That way, two main things can disappear from your to-do list. It rarely happens so that couples are having to reschedule their date after booking with registrar office, but if you need to, our contract covers that at no extra cost. Sometimes random life events prevent couples from getting married, but if in the unlikely event of cancellation of your wedding, if you cancel our contract at least 6 months before your date, you won't have to pay nothing more than the booking fee you have already paid and any extra money that you already paid will be returned to you. Otherwise, we wont't ask for the full payment until a month before your wedding. Early booking is the only way to secure your chosen photographer. You might also be eligible for an early bird discount, so go ahead and ask us about it when we meet.