Photography Competition

Terms & Conditions


K&G Photography is opening this competition with the intention of promoting photographers and their work within local and wider community. Unique creative composition and accurate representation of each season are key elements the judges will be looking for.

2. The Competition is free to enter and is open to all members of the public.

5. The Competition comprises of 4 categories – one for each season.
5.1. Autumn – entries between 23rd September 2021 and 21st December 2021
5.2. Winter – entries between 22nd December 2021 and 20th March 2022
5.3. Spring – entries between 21st March 2021 and 21st June 2022
5.4. Summer – entries between 22nd June 2022 and 22nd September 2022

7. K&G Photography hereby agrees to pay out a royalty fee in the amount of £0.20 and £0.35 for each printed copy of the A4 and A3 calendar, respectively, to each winning photographer.

9. To enter a category, you must email a single image featuring Pendle Hill onto before the category’s closing date. You must include your full name in the email. Subsequent entries in the same category will be ignored.

10. The image must have been taken within the season the entry is being submitted for.

14. The two winning images per each category will be chosen as follows:
14.1. The Jury will choose first winning image
14.2. Second winning image is chosen from remaining entries in each category by members of the public via Competition’s official social channel (Page): “Pendle Hill from Near and Far

25. In the event of your image being the winning photo of the category, you must be able to provide a high-resolution JPEG file that is at least 300dpi and 3000px along the longest edge.

26. K&G Photography encourages and asks that the images provided by the winning photographers feature watermark or signature within the image, but not obscuring the content. Those shall be provided solely by the photographers and at each photographer’s own choice. In any way, a credit line with photographer’s name shall be present directly below the image within the calendar prints.


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