This is the time where you can finally relax and calm after a very busy and tense morning. It's the time for laugh and cheer and the last thing we'd want is be to take it away from you, so unless you're absolutely adamant about your family photos taken at this very moment, we'll leave it for later on after the sit down meal.

Whenever we have the opportunity to do so, we'll try and capture the both of you and your guests as well as the features and decorations found in the reception room, including your wedding cake. It's best to do it before all your guests are invited into the room.

Some wedding coordinators ask the couple to have the first look at the finished room before the guests are let in and the married couple's arrival officially announced to all the present.

Unless you planned the speeches commencing before the meal, we leave and spend that time away, browsing the images captured so far and making sure we have the back up copy of your precious moments.